Monday, December 10, 2012

September Issue for e-cerpen: Daddy Long Legs parody

Greetings! Particularly this is not a 'cerpen' but more as a script. Last week my lecturer asked us to do a parody each group. So, I kinda have a writer block back then. The result is this[below], please read and I tried to be humor but I think I can't. Though I I tried my best. Heheh, if there is an error or many error, please ignore it. Once again, thank you to read this. Enjoy!
Daddy Long Legs Parody.

Jerusha Abott [Judy Abott]
Julia Pendleton
Sallie McBride

Judy Abott enter the common room along with a small suitcase and a smile plastered on her face. In the space, there is Julia and Sallie, both were modeling their gown in front of the mirror, suddenly shocked to receive a new student, Judy in their space. Then they look at each other feeling confused.
Judy : [With broad smile] Hello, good afternoon. My name is Jerusha Abott. You can call me Judy as short. I’m going to be staying in this room too.
Sallie : Oh hello Judy, my name is Sallie McBride and this is Julia Pendleton. Nice to meet you. [With welcoming face, shaking hand with Judy]
Julia : [Only her fingertips met and turns away] Oh what a dirty hands you have!
Judy : [Look at her hands then laugh] Haha, sorry ‘bout that.
Sallie : What happen to you? You looked all dirtied. Lets clean you up.
Judy : Really? Thanks!
Julia : Hmph! [went out from the room and hide behind the door]
Sallie : So, where did you came from?
Judy : Where? Hm...[Thinking] Countryside?
Sallie : Country?
Judy : Yup! I lived up at the hill with my grandparent and a lovely farm. Oh with my friends too!
Sallie : Ah...
Judy : How ‘bout you?
Sallie : Outskirt of New York. I lived with my parent and my brother now study at Princeton University.
Julia : [Sudenly came back into the room with joy expression] Is your brother Jamie McBride, the famous quaterback?
Sallie : Ah, no... er, his in the basketball team not the football team.
Julia : [Clearing throat]
Judy : [Laugh] So Julia, where did you came from?
Julia : [Smile arrogantly] Where? Huh! I lived in the middle busy town of New York. The Pandleton is the most prestigous family in the State and also one of the noble family in London, though in my family there is one pest, married with some unknown girl at Paris fortnight ago. I didn’t even went to his wedding ceremony.
Judy : [Thinking while scratching her neck] What’s your name again?
Julia : [Furious] How rude! [Her face was a bright red like a lava, bursting out from volcano]
Sallie : Julia calm down.
Julia : How can I calm down when there is a rude country girl insulting me! That make me wonder, how can an ordinary and poor and dirty girl like her, can enter a prestigous school like us?!
Judy : ‘bout that... [with uncertainity face]
Julia : I can’t even think one of the possibilities! Huh!
Sallie : Take a deep breath Julia. There’s must be an explaination.
[Heard a couple of knock at the door]
Isabella : Excuse me to intrude but I need to meet the mistress for a while, Lord Jervis is waiting.
Julia : [Shocked facial] Uncle? [Her face redden thinking of her handsome and young uncle but then her facial change to serious] How can he be here when he is away to Paris? And who are you?
Judy : Can you wait for awhile Isabella. There is something I need to clear.
Isabella : I’ll be waiting you outside ma’am.
Judy : [Smile gracefully]
[Both Sallie and Julia were shocked to hear the address]
Julia and Sallie : Ma’am?
Judy : [Smile at her acquantices] Sorry for not telling you earlier, my real name is Jerusha Pendleton and I am married to your uncle, Jervis Pendleton, Julia. I didn’t meant to hide it from you. Once again I’m apologizing for the commotion. Then, will you excuse me, my husband is waiting.
Julia : Wait then why are you looked dirty and unsocial?
Judy : You mean my clothe? Haha, you see I don’t like to wear pretty clothes so that people will not flock to me and I don’t like to cause trouble to my maid especially Isabella, she’s been with me since I was baby and all other maids I lived with at my grandfather’s mansion.
Sallie : Who are you really?
Judy : Me? I’m Jerusha Abott, my grandfather owned an oil company at Texas and my grandmother runs a dairy milk farm. Oh I’m late, sorry but I need to go. Tara! [She left, leaving Sallie and Julia with her jaw dropping and round eyes]
Isabella : So long young mistresses. [bow politely and closed the door]

The End

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